Terms and Conditions

Tentative Bookings: Upon your request Salsa Bar & Grill will hold tentative bookings for seven (7) days. After seven (7) days we have the authority to cancel any tentative bookings, where a deposit has not been received.

Confirming Your Tentative Booking: A tentative booking is confirmed when Salsa Bar & Grill has received the required deposit. Upon your request an invoice will be raised for AUS $1,000.00 which is the deposit amount to confirm your booking. Once we receive your deposit payment, the total will be credited to your function account. The final payment must be made within seven (7) days after the function. Any account that exceeds this period will attract a 15% surcharge on the total amount.

Direct Payments:

Account Name: Salsa Bar & Grill Pty Ltd

Bank: Westpac, Shop 5 / 43 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas.

BSB: 034 – 155

Account Number: 185 076

Please provide your invoice number or last name as reference when making payments, and please also fax or email a receipt to Salsa Bar & Grill for accounts to identify your payment.

Credit Card Payment: We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Credit Card Surcharges: Visa/MC 0.8% AMEX 2%

Booking Confirmation: Booking confirmation will be sent out to you along with a deposit receipt for your records.

Additional Charges: I agree that in addition to the total cost of the reservation, I will be liable to Salsa Bar & Grill for any charges incurred by me or my guests for any other services not provided within this agreement, unless Salsa Bar & Grill has been instructed in writing to obtain cash settlement for such charges.

Balance of Payments: Salsa Bar & Grill requires that the full and final balance for your function be paid no less than seven (7) days after the date of your function. No cheques are accepted as a method of payment. If final payment is not received by the required seven (7) days after the date of your function, Salsa Bar & Grill will apply a 15% surcharge. No accounts are offered for final payment. Salsa Bar & Grill will be entitled to process any outstanding accounts to any credit card or other security provided by the client.

Cancellation: If you require a cancellation of your event, written notification is required and the following fees will apply:

Deposit: Cancellation 90 days or more prior to the event 100% deposit will be refunded. Cancellation 60 days or more prior to the event 70% deposit will be forfeited. Cancellation up to 30 days prior to the event 50% deposit will be forfeited

Venue Booking: Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to utilise the restaurant to its maximum efficiency. Unless you exclusively book the whole venue or a partitioned section, Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to book other tables, functions or groups which may coincide with your function booking.

Postponement: Unless prior arrangements are made with Salsa Bar & Grill, the cancellation terms as noted above will be applicable in the event of a function being postponed.

Children’s Catering Costs: Salsa Bar & Grill offers the following rates for children who will eat from the menu you select: 1month to 13 years – Will be able to choose their meals off the Children’s menu. 13 years and above – Full adult menu price apply.

Final Guest Numbers: Salsa Bar & Grill requires final guest numbers and menu selections four (4) weeks prior to the function. This will be the minimum number of guests you will be charged for. If there are any increases in the final number these will be accepted, if the numbers drop within the four (4) week period you will be charged for the full number of guests.

Confirmed Menu & Beverage Choices: Menus must be confirmed four (4) weeks prior to the function. Beverage lists must be confirmed four (4) weeks prior to the function. Salsa Bar & Grill is a licensed premise. For this reason,(we do not offer a BYO option), and at no time can beverages be brought onto or taken off the premises due to licensing reasons. Salsa Bar & Grill does not permit any outsourced catering within the restaurant.

Wedding and Special Occasion cakes are permitted.

Invoice: The final invoice will be generated on the night of the event. The invoice will reflect the final guest numbers advised, food & beverage consumption, miscellaneous items and a 10% service fee. If there are fewer guests than advised or if guests cancel in between confirming the number and the function date, unfortunately we are unable to refund. You will then have 7 days to pay the account.

Fire & Safety Regulations: The safety or our guests is paramount at Salsa Bar & Grill, therefore we request that the client and any outside contractors hired by the Client must adhere by Salsa Bar & Grill’s rules and regulations. The obstruction of any fire escapes is not permitted under any circumstances. In addition, The Client must inform Salsa Bar & Grill of any flammable material in the restaurant (and the quantity) in advance. Such flammable material can only be used with written permission granted by the management of Salsa Bar & Grill. Any outside contractors hired by the client must provide Salsa Bar &Grill with a copy of their current Public Liability Certificate showing a minimum public liability of $10 million.

Laws & Regulations:

• You (the client) will assume responsibility for any damage caused to Salsa Bar & Grill and/or its contents.

• You (the client) are responsible for informing your guests as to the Terms and Conditions of Salsa Bar & Grill.

• At no time will you (the client) commit or permit your employees, agents or guests to commit any illegal or offensive acts.

• Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to eject any objectionable persons from the premises at their discretion and without liability at any time.

• Alcohol will NOT be served to guests under the age of 18 years or patrons that are intoxicated or disorderly.

• Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to request proof of identification before serving alcohol beverages to Salsa Bar & Grill guests.

• Alcoholic services ceases at 11.30pm.

Menus & Beverages: Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to change menus, according to produce availability and seasonal variations. Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to substitute selected beverages if the selected beverages are unavailable with beverages of equal value & the client’s approval.

Displays & Signage: No items are to be attached, pinned, nailed, screwed, stapled or glued to the walls, doors or other surfaces of any area in Salsa Bar & Grill. Should damage occur under these circumstances, a fee will be charged for repairs. Any signage is to be kept to a minimum and must be approved by Salsa Bar & Grill.

Delivery & Collection of Goods: All deliveries must be advised to the Restaurant Manager prior to delivery and clearly marked. Salsa Bar & Grill does not have storage facilities. Goods left at Salsa Bar & Grill after the event without prior arrangement will be deemed as abandoned. Salsa Bar & Grill will accept delivery of goods up to seven (7) days prior to an event and must be collected within two (2) day after the event. Salsa Bar & Grill will not accept responsibility for any items delivered or left for collection.

Decorations/Equipment/Props Provided by Client: You are requested to ensure that any set up for props, decorations or equipment installed by you or your appointed contractor is in compliance with Safety and Fire Regulations prescribed by local authorities. Please be informed that Salsa Bar & Grill will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences. No Confetti, rice, potpourri or flower petals are permitted to be thrown within the grounds and property of Salsa Bar & Grill. Should such items be found a cleaning fee will be applicable.

Parking: Ample street parking is available for guests.

Wheelchair Access: Wheelchair access is available.

No Smoking: In accordance with the Queensland Government Legislation, certain areas of the restaurant are deemed non-smoking areas. Please ask your function manager if you have any questions.

Electrical: All electrical installations must be approved by the management of Salsa Bar & Grill. All electrical products must have valid electrical tags attached. An electrical contractor must perform all installations and the client must supply the necessary equipment for operation. This includes extension leads, double adaptors and other such equipment. Should any excessive electrical usage be required, then an additional charge will be calculated to cover the costs.

Damages: The client is financially liable for damages that may occur to the premises, fixtures, fittings, furniture and chattels caused by guests or suppliers. We do not permit anything to be glued, screwed, taped or stapled to the walls. We also do not permit rose petals or candles larger than a tea light on the premises. By confirming the booking the client agrees to pay for or reimburse Salsa Bar & Grill for the cost of such damage.

Insurance: Whilst the staff of Salsa Bar & Grill takes every care with the security and protection of property and guests, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damages or loss of property before, during or after the event. We recommend guests arrange their own insurance/security for items of value.

Entertainment: If the client arranges their own entertainment, Salsa Bar & Grill requires a copy of the entertainer’s public liability insurance to be sent prior to confirming the entertainment option. Without public liability we are unable to have the supplier onsite. We ask that the suppliers take care of our premises and do not create any damage. The client will pay or reimburse Salsa Bar & Grill for the cost to repair such damage.

Noise Restrictions: Between the hours of 1:00pm and 5:30pm on Sundays or during special events of functions, noise emanating from entertainment, music or related activities must not exceed 88dB(c), fast response, when measured 3 metres from the source of the music. If these noise restrictions are not adhered to Salsa Bar & Grill reserves the right to cancel the entertainment.

Photographer/DJ/Entertainment Meals: Salsa Bar & Grill offer meals for any suppliers working during your function e.g. photographers, DJ’s, bands etc. Supplier’s meals are charged at $40 each (which includes a basic main meal) and will be served in an area away from the guests.

Licence: Consumption of alcohol is limited to designated areas only. The staff of Salsa Bar & Grill encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol. Aside from legal responsibility, they have a responsibility to the safety of all personnel and property. The management of Salsa Bar & Grill endorses any decision that is made by staff with respect to this issue. No variation to terms and conditions will apply unless in writing and signed by the management of Salsa Bar & Grill.