Floral Edge

Floral Edge is a local florist who specialise in wedding flowers. Located on Macrossan St in the centre of Port Douglas, Floral Edge often create magical set ups at Salsa Bar & Grill.

Floral Edge take the stress out of your day and will personally deliver your bridal party flowers two hours before your ceremony. This is a perfect time to get some photos with your flowers while you preparing for your big day. Flowers arrive in a box wrapped in tissue and all you have to do is get them out when you’re ready.

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Nine Blooms

Gabrielle from Nine Blooms specialises only in wedding flowers. She is am a one (wo)man band…It’s Gabby you speak with on the phone, its Gabby who is chatting to you on email, its Gabby who designs and constructs your bouquet and other lovelies & its Gabby who delivers them to directly you.

Nine Blooms only accepts a limited number of weekend clients in the season as a small clientele base means a more intimate service and a higher quality of product. Gabby is also very much a client led designer, preffering to know what you are in LOVE with and what florals have got you all giddy with excitement.

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