The Brian Sorensen Cup began in 2009 after the passing of local legend Brian Sorensen. In his honour, wife Jenni wanted to establish a charity fundraising event, after 5 years of fundraising, Jenni felt she wanted to do more for the community so she approached Salsa Bar & Grill Directors Rhys Bawden & Bill Conway to help set up a local charity (The Salsa Sorensen Association Incorporated) to enable the distribution of monies to groups in need throughout the Douglas Shire.

In 2014 the Salsa Sorensen Association Inc. was incorporated as a Queensland Association and is managed by a board of local directors.

The Salsa Sorenson Association objects are:

To raise funds for distribution to not for profit organisations, sporting and charity groups and any other group as deemed eligible by the Management Committee in the Douglas Shire.

Conduct at least one major fundraiser annually.

Brian Sorensen Cup

Sunday 18th August, 2024

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Port Douglas State School Captains 2023


Our local groups and charities may be eligible for between $500 – $5000 in funding

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Apply for Funding

Open to Douglas Shire groups and charities

Closes July 31st.

Apply for funding

Closes July 31st, 2024.

Overview and Purpose of funding: This funding aims to assist organisations in making a difference to their community by the purchase of equipment or small capital improvement or repairs to such for use within the applicant organisation or funding of a specific and tangible activity which benefits their community.

Funding Available:  $500 to $5000

Who can apply?  Under the terms of the Model Rules of the Salsa Sorenson Association Inc, the Association can only make grants to organisations that are located in the Douglas Shire that fulfil the criteria.

Please read the general exclusions section of the information package.


  • Not for profit.
  • Non-political.
  • Have an operational bank account in the organisations name.
  • Compliant regulatory requirements.
  • Douglas Shire based.
  • Douglas Shire benefit.
  • Ability to complete acquittal form and provide copies of receipts.
  • Ability to forward photos of completed project for Salsa Sorensen website.
  • Ability to complete project by 30th Sept of following year.

Eligibility of your project: Only projects from eligible organisations that can clearly demonstrate a direct benefit to the Douglas Shire Community will be considered.

General Exclusions: Projects that fall into any of the following categories will not be considered for funding:

  • Retrospective funding – projects which are already underway or which will commence prior to the date indicated in our online application information are not eligible for consideration.
  • Recurrent expenditure for which there is no future provision.
  • Large Capital Works.
  • Funding for individuals.
  • Funding for organisations that are not based in the Douglas Shire.
  • The Salsa Sorensen Foundation chooses not to give funds to organisations to distribute as cash or in kind donations to individuals.
  • Contributions towards major building project or asset purchase.
  • Payments of debts.

Process of application

  • Determine eligibility.
  • Read information package.
  • Complete and submit application form via email
  • Wait for response.
  • Any questions: Email:
Download application form