Low Isles Iced Tea

Low Isles Iced Tea

Vibrant, fresh, slightly fruity and OH SO REFRESHING! The Low Isles Iced Tea is easy as to make, all you need is a couple of liqueurs, some juice, ice and a blender and voila! Salsa-style cocktails in the comfort of your home!


  • 15mls mandarin vodka
  • 15mls peach liqueur
  • 15mls gin
  • 15mls white rum
  • 15mls lime juice
  • 45mls orange juice
  • 45mls cranberry juice
  • 2 handfuls of ice


Pour all wet ingredients, excluding cranberry juice into a blender. Add ice to 1/3 blender. Blend on pulse until slushy.

Pour cranberry juice into a tall glass.

Pour slushy, icey goodness into a tall glass over the top of the cranberry, layering the colour.

Grab a metal straw, kick your shoes off, sit down, close your eyes take a sip and pretend you’re at Salsa! Perfect 👌🏽